Is this your first time? How are you going to choose? Will it be one of our ever popular busty escorts or maybe for a first time you prefer to plump for experience over teenage exuberance and go for one of our mature escorts. Everyone one has different preferences but can I just welcome you to 24 Carat and the wonderful world of escorts. My first time came in Thailand. That was a great experience and broke me in gently with a pretty young girl who made it all seem so natural and fun that I’d crossed over the line almost without noticing it. Once I had then coming home I had a few experiences which brought me back to earth and made me realise that there were a lot of different types of girls with different agendas, differing levels of performance.

I’ll be honest and say I’ve met some truly ‘ugly’ girls in my time and I don’t mean their looks. I’m not trying to put you off just tell it how it is. One girl can make you feel so special whereas another can make you feel cheap and damaged. My advice is, when you find a good one, and there are plenty of them, stick with her for a while and enjoy the view. You can always change buses when the time feels right. Mature escorts are always a good choice. That little bit of extra experience usually helps as these’s girls usually show a little more affection.


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