If you’re a regular client or you’ve taken a look at the website you’ll know that we place great emphasis on client feedback. We aim to promote the girls who get that good feedback to our home page. That way they get more exposure to you, you are more likely to book them, they get busier and so the circle revolves as it should with the best girls being the busiest. So your reviews are taken very seriously albeit that it’s hard to know what to do when on the same night a girl will get a 9 from one client and then  an hour  later a 3 from another and that’s just for looks not performance. I guess that just illustrates the old saying ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’. I can’t always figure out what you think of the escorts in London.

Girls that I think are going to set the Agency on fire and get a real buzz going with our regular clients sometimes just don’t live up to their promise. Others who start slowly and seem very uninterested in the whole industry seem to warm to it and end up your favorites. God should I be telling you how hit and miss it can be in the popularity stakes?  Probably not but then our motto here at 24 Carat Escorts is to search out the best London escorts and present them to you in all their glory. Like rare Nepalese orchids found high up in the Himalayas


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