I think breasts are of vital importance to us boys. It all starts with Mum doesn’t it. Sorry to bring up Mum in the context of booking a London Escort but that is where we first ‘latch on’ to the idea that tits are good. In that case it’s obviously a very basic survival instinct. As we reach puberty we start to develop a different relationship with them.

We start to crave the sight of them, start to imagine what neighbours and school teachers and fellow pupils tits are like. We usually start our own collection of photos and these days no doubt that curiosity may well bring spotty teenagers to search on Escorts in London and daydream about what it might be like to be with a lady.

It’s about this time, after the initial novelty has worn off, that length seems to become important…no not penis length but nipple length. I’ve got to admit I’m a ‘sucker’ for a Escort in London with large long nips. Being a convert to Thai women I think it’s in their genes as they all seem to have nipples disproportionately long to their bodies…Marry a Thai girl and you’d never be lost for a coat hanger and what I love is when they start all small and inverted and then as soon as you touch them or the Mother Ship, they grow and get hard and then you know she ain’t faking it and you’re in for a bloody fun time.

Here at 24carat we have a lovely selection of long nips and our Escort Services will no doubt include one of two big nipple moments. Candy one of our Black Escorts has lovely nips, that just one example the list is endless so I won’t bore you here, just go take a look.

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