I know that there was a bank holiday on Monday which of course makes it a shorter week but I cannot believe that the week is almost over and neither can the sexy escorts London has to offer. I remember when I was little, and by little I mean a good while ago when I was 5 or 6 years old, it would be bed time at the end of a ‘special day’ day like my birthday or Christmas Day and I would think ahead to the next one, I would think of the 365 days ahead of me until the next one of that day and it would feel like an absolute eternity, a period of time that was just not even worth thinking about. It is one of the London escorts birthdays today and it only feels like yesterday that it was her last birthday, the time just goes so quickly and I am trying to workout if it is just a fact of life as you get older or if it is in actual fact just an illusion.

When I was younger any stretch of time would seem to take forever if I concentrated on it, for example if it was one week before Christmas I would start counting the days as most kids did but that week would feel like a month as I waited for the day to come, Christmas eve would then come along and as everyone knows that night before Christmas Day is possible the longest night you will ever have. When I was talking to a couple of the escorts in London about this they suggested that it was obviously because I was looking forward to something that it would take that long as that is usually how things go. Things that you enjoy go quickly and things that you anticipate take forever to come. Whilst I do understand their point it doesn’t really apply for me anymore. Monday morning will come along and I will be on my way to the London escort HQ thinking that I am looking forward to the next weekend and by the London escorts logic this would mean that the weekend would take forever to come but this isn’t normally the case as the weeks go by so quickly it is quite worrying (not that I am complaining, the quicker the weekend comes the better) but it is just worrying in the sense that time goes by so quickly.

Maybe it is because I enjoy my weeks quite a lot, what guy wouldn’t enjoy working with busty escorts in London everyday, it is not exactly the worst job in the world is it. But just as quickly as the week goes by the weekend comes and goes to so it is important to make sure that each weekend is as good as you can make it. If you struggle to make your weekends memorable then hire a London escort this weekend and notice the difference she makes to your weekend, you will be wishing away every week after one weekend with her.

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