Ramona is one of the new girls that’s just started at the 24carat escorts Agency. I guess if you’re reading this you’ve probably discovered her already…I’d have to be very stupid to think the you’ve bookmarked my blog instead of the gallery wouldn’t I. At the moment i’m struggling to get my head round the fact that there’s a 99% chance that no one ever reads these time consuming things….maybe I’ll just succumb to what most of the Agencies do and get a blogging sweatshop in India to do it. It’s funny though, if you ever read any of the writing on the escort websites, you can always tell. It’s not always easy because some of these Indian guys speak perfect fact maybe that’s it…it’s too perfect. Actually what they miss is the subtlety of the English Language that’s something you can’t learn in the classroom….Well that’s my theory. Anyway Ramona bares mentioning in despatches because she’s so damn gorgeous.

She looks like an English actress from the 70’s and 80’s. I’m racking my brains to think of the womans name, I can oicture her she was in things like The Brothers or Morse, things like that. Anyway Ramona looks like her and they’re both stunning…not riveting is it, I’m rather glad today that no one’s reading this dross lol


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