Basically try not to fall in love with our Escorts if you can help it. Our London Escorts are eminently lovable, there’s no question of that. Any man in his right mind would surely love to hear footsteps on the stairs, the clink of china at the bedroom door then see Ramona coming in with tray with your breakfast on it…

Imagine arriving late at Waterloo station to see Dana waiting anxiously under the clock, weekend bag in hand, then when she spots you, a big beaming smile and a running hug. You’d just HAVE to give a crafty sideways glance at your fellow male travellers, just to catch a glimpse of the pure envy burning into their souls.

So you see I know how fantastic it would be…but don’t get your hope’s up because frankly, Dana’s more likely to be headed for Andy Cole’s bedroom than, in my case, the guy on the hot dog stand. Equally Ramona is a very unique Escort and these girls are generally quite tough cookies…they’ve had to be and whilst they’ve a lot of respect for you guys, their agendas are generally money orientated and lets face it Andy Cole’s not going to miss it too much is he? My honest advice, even though it’s probably not the most lucrative for the Agency is don’t book the same girl too often unless you really have got your head together.

If you’re feeling vulnerable, then at least try booking different girls..lets face it there’s enough to choose from..just pick another girl and don’t get hung up on just one. You can experience what it’s like to take Dana away for the weekend by booking her through us, although you may need to have a chat with the bank manager first…our London Escorts are cheap but not THAT cheap. That way you’ll get those admiring glances from your fellow travellers.


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