What I wouldn’t have given to have the above as a question in my Biology GCSE all those years ago. Or for History, maybe the significance of the Profumo affair in modern politics.

Of course these days it’s all changed. Now you can get degrees in anything…football, ikea furniture assembly, porno and its role in the popularisation of ‘anal’…just about anything goes and is open for discussion.

What do you think about that?. I thinks it’s great that so many previously taboo subjects are up for grabs. If it encourages wives everywhere to part those cheeks and take it up the shitter then frankly i’m all for it!!

The lads of today don’t know how lucky they are!! All the girls seem to ‘mature’ earlier these days and some of them seem to have the same casual, predatory approach to sex. What happened to Romance? It got what it deserved…a bloody good shafting.

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