‘Last Christmas, I gave you my heart / But the very next day, You gave it away

This year, to save me from tears / I’ll give it to someone special’
Sorry about that and please don’t panic – Christmas is finally over. It’s just that song – it’s still stuck in my head! Did you get sick of hearing those Christmas songs?? I did! Every single shop, pub, gym, restaurant and bar was playing them. Relentlessly. I even heard Wham’s ‘Last Christmas’ played in a war museum in November – that’s just odd. But some people seem never to tire of these cheesy tunes – and most of them are girls. Yes, what I want to talk to you about today is how the spirit of the seasons seems to infect our womenfolk at every possible opportunity. If it’s not Christmas, it’s Hanukkah. If it’s not Easter, it’s St David’s Day and if it isn’t the summer solstice it’s Wear Just Your Bra to Work Day. (Just kidding about the last one – dream on.) even our sultry, sassy London Escorts aren’t impervious to the charm of seasonal festivities. Just because the holiday season has finished, it doesn’t mean that the jollity can’t continue – oh no. Just pop into your local supermarket and take a peek past the stands crammed full of unwanted, reduced-price Christmas tat and you’ll see – surprise surprise – Easter products! Yes, that’s right, choccy eggs and fluffy chicks galore in the second week of January. It’s just wrong isn’t it? My favourite Busty Escort in London would disagree, however. She reckons that as soon as one celebratory period is over, it’s onto the next one quick sharp! I would personally like to express how distasteful I feel that this attitude is, this obsession with jolliness and frivolity and – let’s face it – fun! But when you see our Escorts in London dressed up to the nines in their festive gear – be it Santa’s little helper dresses (my favourite) or Easter bunny ears – they’re just irresistible, admit it!

Of all the Escorts London offers to you, the discerning gentleman, you’ve got to admit that the pictures of our London Blonde Escorts are pretty great. Just imagine those lovely blonde heads all giggly and excited about unwrapping their Christmas presents or their Easter eggs – their enthusiasm is undeniable and unfortunately for us susceptible men – adorable! And what’s the best thing about someone who’s carried away with the festive celebratory spirit? Simple – they’re happier, jollier and ten times more fun than some of the nagging types you see moaning at the checkout in Tesco. Our girls have got endless enthusiasm, a plethora of smiles and giggles and generally a wicked sense of fun. What more could a man want from a companion? Give us a call now and see who’s free to share a New Year’s date with you – discuss your resolutions if you really want or just kick back, relax and spend some time in the company of one of our stunning, sexy ladies.

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