I’m not going to lie to you, the chances of you forming a lasting relationship with an escort is remote. However it is no means impossible and it does happen and has happened on many occasions. You are obviously intelligent guys and as such you need to keep at least one trouser leg firmly on the ground.

If you’re 50 and living with you’re mum, it is unlikely that any of our girls are going to genuinely fall for you. They may agree to meet you (if we find out, they’ll be looking for another Agency of course) or take a holiday with you even,  but the chances are that their motivation is going to be money or marriage or both and you are advised to never lend or give them money, what ever the sob story, unless you can afford to lose it with no real redress. In that instance, it really is like going to the Casino…you only bet what you can afford to lose.

I won’t condemn the girls because their personal circumstances, or that of their family at home, is what places them in the position of meeting you and you are flush in comparison, so keep your wits about you and don’t be a mug. Having said that, if you are, say, Pierce Brosnan than you come under the category of celebrity and that does attract girls and may change things.Power is an aphrodisiac, see Douglas v Zeta Jones 1985 AER

Obviously the closer you are to the same age will help, a good reason for why you’ve made this particular lifestyle choice will reassure and being a genuinely nice guy with a decent social life in place but no wife or partner will also help matters. I’m a bit edgy because I’m fiercely supportive of our girls and I know only too well that some guys can also be very manipulative and draw girls into relationships so they can exploit them.

Understand that I will do my up most to prevent that and I’ll always help an ex girl to escape such a destructive relationship no matter what the circumstances. These girls need love and affection not exploitation and so you treat them with respect please.If you are an ex 24 Carat girl  (or a current one we havn’t discovered is having a relationship with a client) and you’re in trouble, get in touch with me via reception and lets see how we can help you.

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