Yet another footballer has been ‘named and shamed’ following allegations of illicit romps with escort girls.  This time, its no other than Wayne Rooney, striker extraordinaire, who has previously admitted cheated on his long term partner, now wife, Colleen.
Where do we start to analyse this latest upheaval in the life of the nation’s most promising striker? According to the reports of the tell all brunette escort girl, a certain 21 year old from Bolton, Rooney met with her several times over a period of months. In addition to providing him with ‘services,’ the girl also engaged the footie star in a duo escort session, fulfilling his desire to be part of a sexy threesome. As per industry standards, she was paid in cash, at a rate far exceeding her £150 per hour price tag.

The article itself is fairly nauseating – its hard to believe that she suddenly feels indignant that Wayne supposedly slept with her while Colleen was pregnant. Though she insists that she would never want anything like that to happen to her while she was pregnant, news of the Rooneys’ impending arrival was hardly a secret – in typical celebrity fashion it had been plastered all over the tabloids. Then she goes on to describe what a shy guy Roo was during their trysts, yet detailing how he all but dragged her off for a quickie while in the company of his teammates at a party. Hardly the actions of an apologetic woman doing the ‘right thing’ by selling her story.
One of the golden rules we give our escorts here at 24 Carats, home of the best escorts London , is to be professional. Have fun, definitely. Enjoy your date with a client, most certainly. But always remember this is your job, of which discretion is a BIG part. I’m sure many of our lovely blonde escorts London have shared memorable experiences with very famous people, but they’ve never given anything away beyond a naughty smile whenever particular names are mentioned.  That’s the way we prefer it here, and its one of the things that keeps our clients coming back for more. Clearly this escort from up north could learn a lot from escort girls in London.
So, we’ll watch and see how this latest upheaval affects Roo where it matters most – on the football field. He is a footballer after all, and that’s the only place for which I, and anyone else, should  have any expectations of him.

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