Erotic massage is basically a nice way of differentiating between the genuine masseuses who treat you for a sports injury or ‘relaxation’ and IF they are women, could well look like the back end of a Bendy Bus and the girls who offer a ‘massage’ and a whole lot more. See we have these silly distinctions which if you were new to London and none the wiser could result in you being worked over by some big hairy Turkish bloke. That’s the massage you’d get at a Turkish bath which comes highly recommended but is most certainly not meant to be sexy. So luckily you’ve read this and now you know that just adding the word ‘erotic’ to your search will put you in the right place for a sexy or erotic massage.

I’m afraid it also takes you out of the realms of the professional masseuse. Occasionally you will find a girl who’s trained and also offers sexual services. If you find one, hold on for dear life because they are worth their weight in gold. There are some Asian girls usually Thai that as massage is part of their culture will be able to give you a pretty good going over and still be willing to jump on top afterwards. They again should be nurtured. So now you know, erotic massage in London means sexual favours will be on offer subject of course to the girl’s agreement. Now go out and get massaged with confidence.

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