Enjoy a Night in London With An Escort.

Can there be a better way to spend a night in London than swaggering into a great restaurant with a big busty escort on your arm? I don’t think so. We make sure that our girls are briefed (and of course hopefully debriefed by you later on) to be particularly attentive to their partner when on a night out on the town. So expect to get a lot of attention from that glorious girl you’ve chosen to be your companion for the night. Don’t worry, not only does she know to cling onto you as if her life depended on it. She also knows the best places to go in London. The best restaurants, the best bar’s, the best clubs. It’s like having your own personal tour guide only the tour doesn’t finish at Trafalgar square. The tour goes onto some very dark and sultry little nooks and crannies that only London escorts get to show their clients.

You’ll be amazed at the sheer indulgence of your date. These girls are aided and abetted by the team at 24 Carat Escorts. I’m a Londoner who’s lived here all my life. So is my associate Rob and we have compiled a list of our favourite places to go. These are genuine London venues for London people not the tourist traps you find around Piccadilly. I think it’s worth booking a busty escort just to gain entrance and an insight into what the real London is like at night. You might prefer a copy of Time Out London Nightlife and a cup of cocoa in bed. It’s up to your my friends!!



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