Remember when you were a young teenager, wanting to meet up with girls but not having the courage to do so on your own? You’d meet up with your mates and head down to the local hang out spot, hoping with each step that the pretty brunette you’d been checking out in the dinner hall would be there, standing with her friends.  Your best mate was mad keen on her blonde friend, and, the two of you plotted and planned how you’d get the girls to agree to going out. You knew you would only get the parents’ permission if you said it was a double date, and when you were finally seated beside hottie brunette in the cinema, your arm sneaking around her while you pretended to watch some film you can’t remember, the fact that your friend was two seats away didn’t matter that much.

Fast forward twenty years later, and although you may not remember the girl who fuelled every teenage fantasy you had, chances are you and your mate are still, well mates.  You’re both looking for a couple of London escorts who are attractive and pleasant.  Well, now that you’re old enough, you need look no further than us right here at 24 Carat escorts.  Whether you still have a taste for brunette girls or you’ve discovered that blondes have more fun, we have cheap escorts London who will send your pulse soaring. We’ve even arranged some fantastic duo escorts for you and your mate to enjoy. These are incredibly sensual ladies who’ll enjoy your company just as much as they like each other’s. It takes a special kind of girl to be a 24 Carat escort, and having two of them at one is the ultimate double date.

With a little notice they can meet both you and your pal for a drink, and you can get to know them a little better. You’ll be the envy of every man in the club if you choose to take these girls out to a nice club for a few hours. Unlike your first dates however, you can invite these girls back to yours for a more intimate meet up. There’ll be no parents anxiously watching the clocks waiting for them to get back, and they can be as naughty as they lie and not worry about what their friends will say at the hang out spot next week.
Call our receptionists to arrange your double date.

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