I remember turning 15 or 16 when my attention had turned from football and video games to girls, girls and girls, of course I wasn’t looking at all the escorts London had to offer just yet but more at the girls floating around my school. At that age we are not blessed with the most amount of confidence or know how when it comes to speaking to women, we more or less resemble a scared cat trying to befriend a big dog, so of course we have to come up with ways to impress the girls. Now these are numerous and can range from trying to go to the gym and failing miserably or getting the latest trainers or phone, but whatever it is it usually has something to do with image as we feel that the only way to attract a female is with our image. This often resulted in the desire for designer clothes, I remember thinking that if I had a pair of Armani Jeans I would surely get all the females I desired, if they could just see the label and as long as they were fully aware of how much they cost I thought that would be my way in, and between me and you guys, I was right!

For a while this trend continued, everyone was really into designer stuff, the more you had the better, all the big names possible. Not that anyone could really afford it but the odd thing here and there and you would be considered pretty cool. But I was thinking about it the other day after having been around some of the escorts London is so lucky to have living in it and I realised that the girls all look great, they are dressed well but they do not needlessly spend all of their money on designer labels and I wondered if anyone actually cared about designer stuff anymore. Take a look around at people in London and yes of course you will see the odd woman here and there with a designer bag or something but a lot of people seem to have turned their attention to other things like vintage apparel and more high street fashions.

So if you are planning on hiring one of the escorts in London make sure you are not too paranoid about  whether or not your clothes are designer, I really don’t think that it is something that matter to the girls or to many other people in London for that matter. You are far better of spending your hard earned cash on one of the many sexy escorts London has to offer then a pair of overpriced jeans just to try and attract another random girl.

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