Dining out with your Escort

Many of our clients rather enjoy having an extended date with their chosen London Escort from time to time. The idea of sharing a relaxing meal, complete with fine wine and sinfully rich dessert in the company of a beautiful woman appeals to many. This is especially true of businessmen desiring social company during an extended visit to London, or those who have developed a tendre for a particular Escort Girl. A truly international city, there is an abundance of cuisine available to diners throughout Central London and beyond.

Ofcourse, there is the ever popular Chinese and Indian cuisine. Chinese is the nation’s favourite takeaway, and there aren’t many Brits who don’t fancy a good curry every now and then. Thai cuisine is also quite popular, as are Japanese restaurants. A glass of plum wine is certainly a great complement to good conversation after all.

Beyond the familiar, there are many other options to explore, as new styles of cuisine find a niche in the city.  The warm spice of Moroccan food is certainly welcome in the fast cooling nights, and we’re sure our Blonde Escorts would flush in pleasure at the subtle warmth and rich flavours of Caribbean food.  Persian restaurants abound in parts of Central London, and we’re sure our Edgware Road Escorts would be happy to join you there for some succulent lamb and shisha. If you fancy something more non traditional, why not try an Ethiopian diner? Or perhaps an intimate meal for two in one of a handful of Afghan establishments which have attracted a loyal following amongst their local clientele?

Sharing a well prepared meal in a relaxing setting provides an atmosphere of intimacy to develop as you converse effortlessly on various topics. It allows you to truly appreciate the beauty of your elegant Hungarian Escort date, and you may find yourself the recipient of jealous sideways glances as she merrily laughs at your memorable business gaffes. Should you decide to share a night cap later on in the evening, the ease of communication between the two of you could set the mood for an even more memorable evening.

There’s a certain pleasure to be had in booking an extended date with your Escort Girl, and dinner provides the perfect opportunity to be the recipient of a full GFE. Let the receptionist know what your plans are when booking, so that your escort can be suitably prepared for the evening.

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