I didn’t have a particularly exciting weekend. To be honest I was tired from working hard at the London escort offices all week and really just needed to chill out. So, apart from having a drink with my mate on Friday night I didn’t really do anything other than eat, sleep, and tidy the house up a bit. While clearing out an old cabinet I was excited to rediscover my copy of ‘The Dice Man’ by Luke Rhinehart. This was my favourite book when I was a teenager – probably because it was shocking, sexy, hilarious and subversive. Most people have never heard of it, which is a shame. Basically it’s about an American psychologist in the sixties who realises he’s ridiculously bored with his life, and so decides to stir things up by allowing a roll of the die to make all his decisions for him. For example he’ll assign a list of options to each number of the die, and then commit to following whichever one comes up.


This leads to lots of very funny, inappropriate behaviour that eventually sees him lose his family, his job and his freedom when he gets put in an asylum. Once out he builds ‘dice schools’ to teach people the way of living by the rule of the die. Apparently it’s very liberating, as responsibility for all your actions seems to fall away and you can do outrageous things that you would never normally entertain.So inspired by ‘The Dice Man’, my friends and I used to play it sometimes and get ourselves in quite a bit of trouble! What we had problems with initially is that we always broke one of the cardinal rules of dice living: only select options that you will be willing to carry out. Being macho teenage boys, of course, we would assign options such as ‘throw stone at police officer’, ‘steal vodka from shop’ along with a couple of safer ones. It was difficult for any of us back down from what the die told us to do, for fear of losing face, and so we did several very naughty things as a result.

I’ve played it since then, just when I’m bored, but generally chose safe options such as ‘watch a film’, ‘go to the pub’, ‘go to bed’. It’s actually a very effective way of getting on with things when racked with indecisiveness. It occurred to me when looking at the book again yesterday, that rolling die would be a good way for clients to choose between busty escorts in Londonblonde escorts in London, black escorts in London etc when faced with all these choices on websites. It must seem impossible sometimes when every photo features a girl just as beautiful as the last, with a list of impeccable statistics to her name as well as great reviews. As fun as it is picking out your favourite London escort, a roll of the die might just be the way to make that final decision!

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