Credit where it’s due, the English players did far better against Slovenia than in the first two games. What amazes me is how crazy the media?. It’s like a Junkie who gets its fix and then immediately is looking for the next fix. Talk about in my lips..England are not good enough to win the World Cup and frankly, until they we put some kind of block on the number of foreign players we allow to play in our domestic football, they never will. No sooner had the game finished than already ‘Gabby’ was asking can we win it…get real Gab’s!!

Did you see the Germany v Ghana game?..great flair and skill and imagination from both sides. Germany will do the business on England the same as they always do and that’s a fact. Don’t get me wrong I want England to win but having followed their progress in various different qualifying campaigns and finals over the last 30 years I just know that there has always been something missing. I think its the killer instinct, the ability to be totally selfish and just do what’s best for you.

The Yanks have it in spades. That eternal optimism born of the misplaced belief that they know better than anyone else when they really just don’t know. That’s mixed with a bit of  ‘and if we don’t, who gives a shit’. Would England have set up Guantanamo Bay, would England have death by firing squad in the 21st Century or the ‘three strikes and you’re out policy’. What other country apart from America would base their whole judicial system around the concepts of baseball or call their domestic season final the ‘World Series’, or have Rounders as their national sport in the first place. What ever it is they surely have got it and I think the way World economics is going they’re need everything they have to survive their ‘final Solution’.

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