After leaving the London escorts offices last night I met my friend for a meal in Leicester Square. As we ate our starters, he told me about a dream he had last night. In his words:

It started normal enough. In the dream, I’d just got in from work, and was having a beer whilst reading the paper at the kitchen table, just like I would in reality. The house was realistically messy, the laundry was piling up, and I had a deep sense of dread about all the essays I had to mark for my college students, before next week.

Just as I was opening a second beer and wishing things could be a little more interesting, I had a sudden panicky urge to get myself cleaned up, and in a bit of a blur I had a shower and put on my newest, best suit.

There was a knock at the door, and I rushed excitedly but nervously to answer it. There on the doorstep stood a blonde, Swedish goddess, wearing a tiny little black skirt over leggings, and a red coat with fluffy hood. She had a sweet, cheeky smile and dark brown eyes. With a feminine, slightly coy grin, she introduced herself as Veronica, in a sexy accent that I think was Eastern European.

I allowed myself to be whisked along on this perfect date, first eating dinner together at a nice bar, where we chatted, laughed and got lost in each other’s eyes for over an hour. It was so easy, so dreamy. I knew it must actually be a dream though because it was all too lovely and surreal. She was wearing a sexy corset type top that showed off her amazing cleavage, and her skin had this perfect, tan glow all over. She was young, fresh-faced, and her silky blonde hair fell around her cheeks.

After the meal (I couldn’t even tell you what I had, to be honest, mate), we were suddenly at her cosy apartment in Earls Court, and she was pouring champagne for us. We cuddled up in bed and then…well… don’t need me to spell it out for you.

Anyway, when I woke up the next morning I was remembering this brilliant dream, and thinking how amazing it would be if things like that actually happened. And then I felt Veronica’s soft hand on my neck, and realised, that of course, it had!

My friend had booked an overnight date with one of our most voluptuous, busty escorts, Veronica. One of the most dazzling of our blonde escorts. Instead of continuing to fantasies about what kind of incredible night he could have with a London escort , my friend had simply phoned our agency and made it happen for real. Just like that. A dream scenario, that leaped out of his brain and into reality, considerably brightening up his life for that night and the foreseeable future. One of his most memorable experiences, and one that he can’t wait to repeat.

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