According to the latest demographic data, the U.K. is becoming a grand melting pot of ethnicities. The number of people indicating their status as mixed race has been steadily rising, now surpassing other leading minority groups. Some of our most popular escort girls  are mixed race, and we think there’s a lot of good that comes from cultural intermingling. With interracial dating becoming more apparent, we’re doing a general assessment of the phenomenon for our lowly standpoint here in London.

Firstly, let me say that in the realm of interracial dating, there are certain trends. White women and black men are the most visibly popular, closely followed by white men and oriental women. Bear in mind that I’m talking about based on personal observation, and not scientific fact.  It depends very much on where in the city you find yourself. I often wondered why our black escorts were in such high demand in Croydon, until a quick trip revealed many white men’s preference for those curvy black ladies in that neck of the woods.

Dating outside one’s race can be a bit awkward – we all have preconceived notions about people who are different from us. And that is normal, though determining what is true or not is not so much a matter of ethnicity but rather of personality. Dating interracial gives us an opportunity to not only learn more about another person from a different background – it affords us a mirror to look at ourselves as well. Then you’ll find that there is much more in common than there are differences.

So should you find yourself curious about that lovely Asian lass who sits opposite you every lunch time, respectfully start a dialogue. By gradually building rapport, you’ll successfully navigate some potentially dangerous cultural faux pas, and boost your own confidence to ask her out sometime. If you do get rejected, commit to accepting it as you would any other ‘no’ from women you’re more familiar with. If you’re looking for an experience less bruising on your ego, why not book one of our Asian escorts? These great ladies will be happy to date you, and can be with you within 45 minutes of you’re located in central London. These great ladies are more than happy to share some tips with you about dating inter racially, and you’ll be grateful that London is such a diverse city in which to have these experiences.

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