OK so it’s not the same Dana…she was cute in her time in a wholesome Irish sort of way, but doesn’t seem the type to resort to Escorting…keep you’re eye on the mature section and as soon as she changes her mind, you’ll be the first to know.

See this is me being a bit clever because obviously unless you’re old enough to know of Dana, the Eurovision Song contest participant from the late 70’s, you won’t be reading this, so I have my target audience nicely filtered using my cunning plan. Well now you’re here I can extol the virtues of a new Dana that is no doubt destined to be a big player in our Agency. Dana is Italian and slim and dark and sultry. She has fantastic tits and whilst I’m not sure about her personality having not spoken to her myself, if you’d seen the look on Rob’s face when he came back from the interview, then you’d be reaching for the phone right now to ‘get in’ early.

I mean really, this girl is just 21 years old and has an incredibly body….as an older guy I think we appreciate a girls skin a lot more…when you’re 20, running your hands over a girls body always seemed a bit of a waste of time…it wasn’t of course, I later discovered there was a name for it ‘foreplay’ But at the time it just seemed to delay things and as you were downstairs in the living room at your mum and dads (literally, not a euphemism) and the slightest noise was likely to bring the parents running, getting her all worked up and gagging for it wasn’t really what it was about. These days that’s all changed and I love exploring the contours or a woman’s body. Just gently running your finger tips over her can be a fantastic experience and if done with just the right pressure, so it doesn’t become just an annoying tickle, then it’s a big turn on.

The bit I like is around the hip bones..it’s like the sand dunes in the Namibian Desert and I just criss cross them with my hands and tongue before diving into the ‘oasis’ that lies beneath…that is a great feeling but I’ll be honest, it’s a better feeling if the girls 21 than if she’s 41 or 51. I’m not meaning to be rotten, just truthful. Making love to the wife or partner is different, you’ve got a lot of emotion wrapped up in that…hopefully a bit of love…the Mother of your children…the sacrifices you’ve made together etc etc…doing it to someone like Dana (and have her respond a little to it) is like turning the clock back but with all the knowledge and technique you’ve accumulated over the years. It’s simply not an experience to be missed and will honestly I promise, reinvigorate you.

When you see girls like Dana it just makes me ache to be 20 again and sitting on a beach in Thailand getting all outraged about the’ old’ fuckers ( anybody over 30 to us then) chasing the young girls at the girlie bars and sucking on a watermelon shake. If only I knew then what I know now I think I’d have approached the whole experience in a different way…and stroked a lots more girls as well.

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