Well we all know now don’t we…if you’re poor already then you’re going to be poorer and if you’re not poor but work for the local council, then you soon will be. On behalf of all our London Escorts we’d like to wish you the best of luck in the years to come. On a serious note if you’ve followed our Escorts in London over the last few years you will notice that our prices have remained at £110 per hour for 4 years now. I think that’s a testament to our business and our efforts to provide you with the Cheapest London Escorts .

It’s not been an easy thing to do…it means we have to work harder at persuading Escort Girls to work with us and we have to accept that and despite the effort involved in coaxing them to work with us, they will probably move on to another more expensive agency after a while. We could have just put our prices up, but we value our position as one of the premier budget  escort agencies in London and I feel like that would be letting our regular clients down.

So rest assured we are going to try to keep our prices unchanged and hope that your appreciate that and try to do your best to book the occasional Escort Girl to reciprocate and keep us in business…otherwise you’ll find yourself paying double the price for the same girls at Rip Off

But I feel we do have to accept the mood of austerity that pervades at the moment and so we’ve decided to cut the size of our girls underwear. All girls from now on will arrive in G string pants to save the cost of the material. We are also encouraging them to use 1/4 cup bra’s in an effort to save fabric and all skirts will be shortened by 6 inches for the same reason. That’s a saving of 20% on average. My descriptive waffle on the site will be but by 100 words and when I interview the girls, rather than it being over lunch at our local Cafe Rouge, all our prospective London Escort Girls will be sharing a cheese and pickle sandwich from a tupperware container on a park bench opposite the office.

Please continue to use 24 Carat Escorts and we will get through this together…I’m sure we’ll get rid of the Lib-Con coalition at the next election.

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