In this modern age that we find ourselves in it is not unreasonable to suggest that we are all slaves to technology. We all rely so heavily on computers, the internet and mobile phones that it is almost impossible for most people to live without them. I know for a fact that a lot of my mates and a lot of the London escort girls that I work with and see/speak to on a day to day basis would find life very difficult if any of these things were to be taken away from them. Not to get on my high horse and say that I would not feel the same, I might cope a little bit better without my mobile phone then the escorts in London would but I would still constantly feel like something is missing. Well this was put to the test over the last couple of days as I sent my phone off for repair without sorting out a back up and you know what, it wasn’t actually that bad at all.

As seems to be the case with a lot of iPhone owners I accidentally broke the screen of my phone, rendering it pretty useless so I was forced to send it off to Apple to be repaired, which was not cheap by any stretch of the imagination I might add (price you pay for an Apple product). Anyway one of the London escorts leant me an old phone to tide me over until I got my iPhone back and I foolishly left it at the London escort HQ meaning that I would not have a phone for a couple of days.

Most people would gasp at the sheer horror of the idea of not having a phone for 48 hours or more but in actual fact it was quite nice, I felt kind of free in a way. Of course there were certain annoyances, for example if one of the escorts in London needed to contact me it wasn’t that easy and I missed little things like Google Maps and checking train times on the phone, but otherwise it was quite nice. I didn’t feel constantly contactable. I pointed this out to the London escorts not too long ago, that if you have a smartphone like an iPhone or Blackberry then there are so many ways that people can get hold of you, you cannot escape. There is the standard procedures of phone calls and text messages as well as Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Msn, What’s APP and a few others.Give it a try sometime, especially if you have hired a London escort for a weekend, try leacing your phone off in a draw and just enjoying not feeling so attached to it, it can be quite nice. Now excuse me, I have some text messages to send.

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