The three little words ‘ rush hour trains’ when kept apart are all pretty harmless words, they do not evoke heaps of emotion or discourse with most people, but when put together and placed in front of the tired eyes of a Londoner or one of the many escorts London has to offer become a hybrid monster of a term that strikes fear into the hearts of Londoners and escorts in London alike. For those that have to put up with the daily grind of getting rush hour trains to work and home again, you will know exactly what I mean when I say that there are not many worse places to be at 9am in the morning then packed into a hot and crowded London Underground train as though TFL are trying to conduct a research project to determine at what point the train will reach breaking point and explode like an obese person wearing a pair of jeans 4 sizes too small. It just comes at the worst possible time in the day, you haven’t been awake long, you are on your way to work to endure a full day at the office (not so bad if you get to work with a at a London escort agency) but nevertheless most people would rather be doing something else at that time, namely sleeping, instead of standing shoulder to shoulder with a bunch of other disgruntled tube goers on their way to work.

There is no real let up from the pain either as once you are at work and you go about your day you have to deal with the same thing on the way home, their is of course the small consolation that you get to go home and relax of course but this is a very small light at the end of a very dark and bleak tunnel when you are faced with having to compete with thousands of other Londoners eager to get home as well,, you begin to notice that the need to get onto the train has increased since the morning run where people were not quite as eager to get to work as they are to go home. Fancy meeting up with a London escort at rush hour times? Don’t fret, seen as you are paying her then of course she can come to you for the same price that you could go to her, there is one shred of relief for you.

I can imagine there will be a lot of you that could do with the company of a sexy London escort to perhaps give you a nice erotic massage in London after having spent your week fighting with people standing a bit too close on the Underground. So if at the end of this week you have had your fill of the underground and you feel like relaxing and taking your mind off of having to do it all over again next week give one of the many escorts London has to offer a call and I am sure they can make.

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