How long do you think the Con-Lib Con can go on. As a lifelong Labour supporter I’m hoping just long enough for them to hang each other. I’m sorry but I look at both of them and ask why? Especially Cameron, why bother? he’s a multi millionaire, highly educated, beautiful wife and absolutely no idea of what its like to be poor or hungry of live in a house with less than 4 bedrooms and a landscaped garden. If you see the House he lives in in London, he considers that slumming it because its a Edwardian Terraced…man of the people eh?  He should try living on one of the Inner City Estates if he wants to get in touch with how desperate people’s lives can become.

It’s all about the power isn’t it. He needs it, craves it, his money buys it to an extent but Prime Minister must be the ultimate hard on. The only question is whose he going to try to fuck?..and I think we both know the answer to that one!!

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