Come Samba with Stephanie

We’re feeling very lucky here at 24carat that so many gems keep coming our way. Perhaps there is something prophetic in the name, but we just keep getting these beautiful bombshells that send the phone lines crazy and have our clients lining up for more. As hard as it may be to take our eyes off these ladies when they first step come by to meet us, we become even more besotted when they start to speak, each word unveiling a personality and charm that makes their physical appearance that much more stunning.

One of the latest new Escort Girls to leave us speechless is Stephanie, a gorgeous Brunette Escort from Brazil. This leggy lady is nicely curved in all the right places, and her smile hints of a naughtiness that’s sure to make several of our clients desperate to play with her. Stephanie’s body moves in a naturally sensual way, and you have to contain the urge to download the latest Seu Jorge track and launch into some sexy samba with her. We’re pretty sure you’ll find Stephanie at Notting Hill Carnival this weekend, probably clad in a gravity defying beaded creation that swishes about her hips as she gyrates alongside the West Indian revellers.

If you fancy sharing a private dance with this great Brunette Escort, we’d like to humbly offer a few suggestions. Stephanie’s 24 and mature, quite unlike some of the younger Escort Girls who are still so caught up in the thrill of meeting you they’re prepared to launch right into it. You need to come with your ‘A’ game for this one fellas. We highly recommend booking for a couple hours, leaving enough time to let the anticipation build. Seduce her with your words, ply her with some fine wine, and she will reward you with such an unleashed sensuality that will leave you both happy and satisfied. This is one latin experience we are sure you will never forget. There’s no need to be afraid to making the extra effort a more experienced lady requires – it all works out for an incredible experience.

So, if you’re man enough for the challenge, call us up to book a date with the gorgeous Stephanie. We’ll pass on your obrigados to the Brazilians for sending yet another treasure our way, and place your name on our upcoming tour of this incredibly sexy country.

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