With all the escorts London has to offer it is amazing that so many of them are in such great shape and I must admit it is because they all eat so well, something that I tend not to do! I have always had a slight issue with vegetarians, even the London escorts that are veggies, I just do not understand it! I am your typical red blooded male, I love nothing more than to chow down on a nice cut of meat, whether it be steak, chicken, lamb, pork or my personal favourite duck I see it as an absolute necessity to have a bit of meat in my diet. Having worked with the London escorts for quite some time now the girls are all well aware of my eating habits and the fact that I am a major carnivore so for me to be a vegetarian would just be completely out of the question. I feel as though I have always had a slight feeling of annoyance toward vegetarians, simply because I feel like they are missing out and everyone should be able to enjoy the goodness of a nice bit of meat. I have often made my views on this quite public and as a result I have often been challenged by the London escorts to give it a try but I have never been able to bring myself to do it….. until now.

I recently places a bet with one of the London escorts on the outcome of a situation that had developed between a couple of the other escorts in London, this particular escort was a vegetarian and as I explained before I most certainly am not a vegetarian. So predictably the bet went as follows…. if I win then she has to eat a burger, and at least try to enjoy it and if she wins I have to be a vegetarian for 2 weeks, you can guess the outcome without me having to inform you I am sure. Yes, typically that busty escort in London got one over on me and she won the bet meaning that I was forced to give up meat for 2 whole weeks, and as I am a man of my word I decided that I would indeed stick to the bet, I would not cheat and have a cheeky burger when she wasn’t looking I wanted to see it through. Plus I thought that it may well be good for me, it would give me a chance to sample some other foods and perhaps eat a little healthier seen as I would no longer be able to eat beef burgers or kebabs.

The whole experience proved a lot more difficult than I had previously anticipated, I felt like a smoker trying to give up cigarettes, I kept getting cravings for meat and came close to crumbling quite a few times but I was saved by going for full service massages to take my mind off of it. I have finally reached the last day of my meat ban and I have never looked forward to a burger so much but I am proud I didn’t crumble, it is a victory for me over the escorts in London.

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