Here at 24carat we’re noting with cautious optimism, the return of Bankers’ bonuses in the City. Like most of you, we saw the photos of expensive champagne, burlesque dancers and stupidly grinning faces plastered throughout the newspapers. With most people still experiencing personal recessions, we understand the anger and plain resentment coming from the average Joes and Janes.

While these banker boys (the City is still struggling to meet their gender equality targets) have requested a meeting with the Lamborghini salesman, ordinary families can’t find decent housing and many public employees are at risk of becoming unemployed before year end. Life, in this case, really is not fair.

But there are some positives at least. Despite the return to good times in the City, we know the recovery is going to take a bit of time to trickle down to the rest of us. So our beautiful London Escorts are still available for your pleasure at the bargain prices of £110. As the home of the best  Cheap London Escorts available,  we have just the lady to help you forget your sorrows. 24carat has a wide selection of Blonde Escorts, Brunette Escorts, and Busty Escorts ready and waiting to meet you with.

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