Everyone likes to go out for a nice meal every now and then, and by nice meal I do not mean going out for some McDonalds or a Burger King, I mean going out and eating some real good food. Living in London there is a whole host of places to eat, every cuisine that you can imagine, from Polish to Chinese, Jamaican to Japanese, there is something for everyone and just like with most things there are nice versions and not so nice versions of each. Many of the London escorts will have been exposed to the nicer versions of these restaurants of the world famous Michelin star variety. But if you want to indulge in some fine dining you do not necessarily have to spend a month’s wages on it and the escorts in London will not care if you choose not to.

The beauty of living in a city as cosmopolitan as London is that there is so much choice, in whatever area you live in you will be able to find somewhere to eat that suits your budget. Make sure that it does suit your budget though, do not just try and impress the London escorts by spending loads of money if you cannot really afford it, there are not many worse situations to be in then having to spend a lot of money that you do not have on something that you cannot really afford. I have actually been in this position before myself, I took a girl out for a date and I was very eager to impress her.

I am not normally the type to try and go too far out of my way to impress a girl, I would always prefer for her to just like me for me, but this girl was pretty hot I must say, not quite London escort hot, but still hot nevertheless, this inevitably persuaded me to find the best Japanese restaurant I could (I knew that was her favourite cuisine). We got to the restaurant and sat down, I foolishly hadn’t actually looked at the menu and when I did I almost fell out of my seat. I couldn’t believe how expensive it was and typically she ordered one of the most expensive meals on the menu along with one of the most expensive bottles of wine, I just had to sit there with an awkward grin on my face whilst I figured out how much food I was going to have to go without for that week.

So don’t make the same mistake as me if you take out a London escort, just go somewhere that you are sure you can afford, she wont mind!

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