I think the escorts in London are starting to get quite annoyed with my constant complaining about how little there is to watch on TV. I am sure many of you have been in the same situation, you get home from a long day at work and all you want to do it kick back and relax and watch a bit of TV. You sit there and think that with over 800 channels on your SKY box that surely there will be something to watch, only to find that your previous prediction could not have been further from the mark and that in actual fact there is absolutely nothing to watch and you find yourself cursing the fact that you pay so much money every month for your SKY TV package yet you can never actually find anything to watch, it is quite an annoyance. And then when there is stuff on to watch it is always on at the same time as other good things, just sods law I think.

Well, it looks as though SKY have rectified this problem, last week the London escorts informed me of a new service that SKY are providing and it has just come through on my box today and I can tell you that it looks quite dangerous. It is called SKY Anytime plus, some of you will probably already know SKY anytime, it is, or was I should say, their rubbish attempt at On Demand TV, yet another thing that I used to moan to the London escorts about. You would always go onto it and look through the list of things that they had on offer to watch On demand, and it would always be a load of rubbish that know one would really want to watch. It honestly looked like they went through all of their programs and chose exactly all of the ones that they knew people would not like to watch.

Luckily they have rectified it now and they have made it into what it always should have been, and just in time for the bank holiday weekend. Basically now when you go into the anytime section you can literally choose from everything, exactly what you want to watch, and when I say everything I do mean everything, there are whole series of shows, movies, sports, the lot! This got me thinking, seen as the weather forecast is pretty rubbish for this bank holiday weekend then maybe a nice weekend spent indoors with a London escort would be good for you guys, get some good food in, some wine, and watch back to back episodes of your favourite show. The girls are all quite open minded about what they watch and some time spent chilling indoors is never something that they complain about, so if you feel like having a chilled weekend in then give one of the many escorts London has to offer a call and ask her to join you.

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