Since living in London and working as a escort I have joined a local US football club to help keep me fit and supple. Not as a player but as a sexy cheerleader. I seem to be very popular and the football fans seem to love my wavy blonde hair, long slim legs and how I shake my pom-poms. Every week I meet up with about twenty girls, dance to some music and go over our moves.

I just got back from practice about a couple of hours ago and rather than go straight home I went to a boyfriend’s house afterwards. He took me up to his room and I sat on his bed next to him. I was still wearing my short cheerleader skirt and tight tank top. He couldn’t keep his wandering hands off me. I ask you, what is it with men like you and our tiny cheerleader uniforms? It drives you wild and makes you so adventurous and subsequently makes me feel so naughty. Hmm! I bet you’ve got firm gentlemen’s hands and just like my boyfriend would love to play a game with me.

Well, he did just that and started doing some incredibly naughty things to me. He got me all excited and I didn’t want him to stop. I so like it when he rubs his hands all over my body and like a good escort I can be so appreciative. Like so many of you English gentlemen he has such gentle hands and he certainly knows how to make me squirm. ”Giggles” Perhaps you could show me too as I would love to sit on my bed with you and tell you all the juicy details of what we did together. And if we’ve time I can even show you. I can’t guarantee I’ll be wearing my cheerleaders uniform but we could do some role-play and I will happily show you my favorite moves and best positions.

If you like I can dress up in something sexy or just wear nothing at all. I will let you decide on that. Now despite my earlier activity I am getting excited all over again just thinking about all of the wonderful things I can do with you. Remember my name, Sky, make a booking and let’s meet up and I will fulfill all those secret fantasies of yours. I will be here on my bed waiting. I might not even be wearing any panties. “Giggles” I look forward to seeing you soon XXX

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