Cheap escort services in London offer the budget entry into the world of escorting. These girls are often the same girls you have maybe met at your local massage parlour. Generally the best and most ambitious of them, because becoming an escort is a sign of a girl taking the adult industry a little more seriously and settling on it as her career for the time being. At the budget end the dates tend to be short at maybe an hour or two. The great advantage escorts have over the parlours is that they can come to you. So you don’t have to kerb call the sleazy side of town searching for some run down house with barricaded windows and CCTV cameras everywhere. You can relax on your sofa with a beer and just anticipate the knock on the door. Of course lots of cheap escort services offer in-call appointments but the girls will have their own apartment which will be more discreet and comfortable than the average parlour.

As I said these girls are taking their job seriously and they know that if the whole experience is comfortable and relaxed then you might book them again. It’s more personal and it works better for me than just turning up at a massage parlour and taking whoever is there and available at the time. As far as cheap escort services go you do have to take pot luck to an extent. It’s all about not only the temperament of the girl but how she’s feeling that day. There are a lot of variables I guess but what I would say is when you find a girl that really rocks your boat, stick with her for a while and ride the wave.


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