We obviously don’t encourage clients and girls to date. In fact, if we find out that a girl is seeing a guy independently of the Agency then we will ask her to find another Agency to work with. This is because 9 times out of 10 this is just a way that the girls will avoid paying our Agency fee and frankly I think we work hard for that and don’t deserve to be cheated out if it. I guess the distinction is whether the association remains a financial one.

If it doesn’t…and that’s a big IF because if you don’t pay the girl for a night out, but you might be buying her a Cartier watch or the equivalent every time you go out, understand and recognise you are paying (sounds obvious but some guys can be very naive).

We have some fantastic girls on our books and I mean personality not just looks. They come from all walks of life and there are some very sensitive souls amongst them. I’m afraid a lot of guys do fall in love and get disappointed or worse still exploited. You must try to be objective and look at the situation as if you were advising your best friend. If you’re fat, bald and pushing 50 the chances are you’re not going to genuinely interest a 24 year old Russian Escort, even if you do have a huge house in Maida Vale. But if you’re of a comparable age and savvy enough to start cautiously then it does happen, it’s not impossible.

You then have the huge question mark over her working. You are going to want her to stop, while she sees it as her bread and butter and most of our girls are supporting families somewhere or other. They are incredibly strong people..they’ve had to be. Good Luck with all this, I’m a hopeless romantic who still cries at Pretty Woman so I’m with you mate!!

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