It’s a tough one isn’t it? I know most of you know that deep down just being friends with a girl as hot as the plethora of escorts London has to offer is very difficult, but is it impossible? It is a question that has been hovering around for many years, ever since I grew to the age of understanding exactly why it was that men and women could not be friends I have been contemplating whether or not it is actually a possibility. The answer to this question is usually split between two camps, there are those that think men and women can easily just be friends without it leading to anything or without it being due to a feeling of attraction and those that are staunch in the belief that there is absolutely no chance that men and women can be friends without there being a little bit more to it. Well, actually, I go back on that statement, perhaps there is actually a third group, a group that consists of people like me who choose to just sit nice and comfortably on the fence without having actually made a decision yet.

I am of the belief that if a guy is friends with a girl who is as hot as one of the London escorts or a celebrity star like Megan Fox then it is nigh on impossible for him to just remain her platonic friend without feeling some sort of attraction to her. I think that it is probably the same for women, although there is no male equivalent to the escorts in London it is still likely to be very difficult for a woman to be friends with a very good looking guy without at some point feeling attracted to him. It is not a fault or a negative personality trait, I think it is just what makes us human, you cannot help who you are attracted to or who you fancy so this makes it very difficult for guys and girls to be friends.

When you think about the fact that if some is your friend then it is inevitable that you like their personality, you like spending time with them and you consider them one of the people closest to you. Well this is half way towards what usually makes you fancy someone, so imagine that someone is as hot and sexy as a London escort, it would be impossible not to fancy them wouldn’t it? So my conclusion is that it is quite rare for a guy and a girl to be genuine mates without their ever being any sexual attraction or some sort of ‘feeling’ between the two of them. The London escorts all say that they find it difficult to have male mates, I wonder why that is?

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