Can Three Be Company?

We all have fantasies we’d like to indulge at some stage of our lives. Many of us relate to some imagined sensual experience which occupies our attention at random moments. This includes men as well as women, and although the latter group rarely admit it, they probably indulge in fantasising just as often. High on the list of fantasies for most people is that of a threesome.  The average bloke probably ranks this quite high on the list of things he’d like to experience. With people becoming more honest and open about their sexual desires, many men have indulged this particular fantasy, with varying results.  It normally involves another girl joining him and his girlfriend, and is of course expected to be a pleasurable experience for everyone involved. It would certainly help if the girls were somewhat interested in exploring each other, although having them focussed exclusively on you as the man could be an intriguing proposition.

So what’s the thrill behind the threesome? Perhaps its the freedom it affords you to witness your partner being pleasured by someone else.  It could provide fresh insights into how your partner responds to a new caress or help you to uncover an erogenous zone you never knew you had. But, lets be frank – it could just be a primal response to thinking you’re pleasuring two attractive women in the same three hour period. I’m sure a lot of women out there would be interested in having a threesome with another man. Not sure how I’d respond to that, but I imagine some lusty women enjoy the power of having two men completely under their spell. Although a staple of porn films, MMF threesomes have yet to become as well spoken about as their FFM counterparts.

Perhaps we should pose the question to several Escort Girls, especially the more adventurous amongst them. Here at 24carat Escorts we do have several duo escorts who have received rave reviews from gentlemen clients. We also have a trio of beauties who like to party almost as much as they enjoy each others’ company. So there is clearly some fun packages that come in threes.

Whatever the number, whether it be a solo flight, coupled fun or the thrill of three, its important to enjoy the experience. Immerse yourself in the moment, savour the intensity and let yourself experience the pleasure.


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