At the risk of sounding like a typically cliché old person I must say that music these days really is the worst it has ever been. The escorts in London often put on the radio whilst we are all at the London escort HQ, usually I take the decision to completely tune out, I often don’t actually hear what is being played as I am fully aware of how rubbish pop music has truly become. This week I decided to have a listen, I took my headphones out and I listened to the delights of radio 1 for an hour or two and what I heard put me off of listening to the radio for quite some time. I just do not understand who actually buys the music, when you have people like n-dubz and Chipmunk releasing songs that sound as though they were put together in a quick half an hour studio break with no actual thought as  to the lyrical content or the general quality of tune overall.  It still completely baffles me as to who buys the music but it seems to be on the radio and on the music channels constantly. It’s not me buying it and the escorts in London might listen to it on the radio but as far as I am aware they don’t buy it either, so what’s the deal guys? Is it you buying the Justin Bieber albums?

It is quite unbelievable that some of the music that is made these days even gets onto shelves let alone into the charts and on to the radio and I think that the chief culprits are all of the young girls that buy the music, or get their parents to buy it for them. These girls will not grow up to be anything like the escorts in London, instead they are all obsessed with pop culture and rubbish music, and the more that they buy into it the more that these talentless people decide to make it, it is a vicious circle, one that can only be blocked out by avoiding the radio and music channels and with a very good pair if headphones.

Music channels are partly to blame as well, just sit in front of the TV for 10 minutes flicking through the endless hoard of music channels and you will quickly realise that you would rather be listening to scratching on a chalk board, it is all the same, manufactured pop junk that is as annoyingly catchy as it is awful. I am thankful that the escorts in London tend to agree with me on this subject and they do not subject me to too much of the rubbish whilst at work otherwise I might end up working from home!

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