I know what a lot of you are probably thinking: “Is a bucket list a list of things that you would put in a bucket?” and don’t worry, I will excuse you for thinking this because I actually thought that myself when I was first enlightened as to what the question “what is on your bucket list?” meant. Well, for those of you that do not know I shall provide you with the exact same wisdom that was handed down to me a few weeks ago. A bucket list is a list of things that you would like to do before you pass on, the few things that you would like to make absolutely certain that you have done before your time comes, from visiting a certain country to reading a certain book, it can be anything, big or small, as long as that is what you want to do. There is actually a film about it starring the great acting duo of Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson who, in their old age, team up together to ensure that both of them complete absolutely everything that they put on their bucket lists. This got me thinking, no matter what age you are, you should always be looking to do those few things that you have always dreamt of doing, but the problem a lot of the time, as is highlighted in the film, is that a lot of people do not actually have anyone to do it is, and there-in lies the beauty of a London escort.

Obviously it is relatively simple to do the little things that you have on your list, things like reading a certain book or eating a certain dish, these are not the most difficult of things to accomplish by yourself, but certain other things are best enjoyed with someone else, and it is not always that simple to have someone on hand to do those things with you. Say you wanted to go Florida and swim with the dolphins or something like that, there may not be that many of your friends or family that are at all interested in doing that with you. If that is the case then give one of our escorts in London a call as there is surely no better person to enjoy such activities with than a sexy female.

All of our girls are lovely and I can vouch for the fact that they would be honoured to accompany you on a trip that is important to you, and the bonus for you is that whatever it is that you decide that you’d like to do on your bucket list, the whole experience will be enhanced by the addition of a gorgeous London escort .

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