I have always been an advocate of the fact that London is by far the best city in the United Kingdom, of course I am a little bit bias as I was born in London and I grew up here but having visited a lot of the other major towns and cities around the country I am still of the belief that London is the very best. Whilst it is obvious to say that we have the best shopping, the best nightlife, the best transport and the better jobs one less obvious thing to note that I have noticed through all of my trips around the country is that London has the best looking females as well as the best escorts in London.

Now that I have gotten a tad bit older and I have visited Brighton a few more times I have grown to view Brighton as my ‘second city’, it is quite a cool place, very relaxed and lots to do but I will never give up on my beloved London.

One thing that Brighton will never have over London is the London escorts, I don’t think there is the same calibre of girls in Brighton as there are in London and this is a big advantage. In terms of night life and eating out however, I would say that Brighton is starting to catch up on London a little bit. There are a ridiculous amount of little bars and pubs dotted around Brighton, some are in quite prominent places such as the seafront or the peer where as others are in obscure little places that you have to find for yourself.

If you have never been or would like to explore Brighton a bit more I would highly recommend it and seen as we have the best escorts in London it might be a good idea to give one of the girls a call and see if she would like to go with you, this would certainly make your trip that little bit better.  There is so much to do in Brighton you might even need more than a weekend and I imagine that you might like to extend your time with the busty London escort, this would not be a problem at all as the girls are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So if you love London but want to sample somewhere else in the UK then take a trip to Brighton with a London escort.

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