There simply aren’t enough Black London Escorts. I’m not sure why more Black girls aren’t attracted to the Industry, if you’re out there thinking about trying Escorting then please get in touch and we can keep you as busy as you want to be. But why are black girls so popular. Well they do tend to have a nice laid back attitude to life. They tend to take you guys very much on face value and so a lot of our regular clients say that that makes them feel more comfortable and very relaxed. That counts for a lot I think.

For my part I can only look to our black girls. Candy is a lovely bubbly girl with a big heart and has become one of your favourites. Auri has always been busy and if you take the time to look at her reviews and a close look at her profile you will see that she is gorgeous and has a huge chest which in itself makes her a firm favourite with you guys. She recently has returned from holiday and I’m so glad she came back because you guys were ringing the phones of the hook asking when she was coming back. The trouble is that I’m not her father, I can’t tell her what to do and so I didn’t know IF she was coming back let alone WHEN. A big sigh of relief when she walked in the door with that big smile and she certainly got a warm welcome from us.

So whilst I’m not sure that the old adage ‘once you’ve had black you never look back’ really does apply (infact I’m sure it doesn’t) There is no doubt that our Black Escorts London are amongst your favourites. So finally if you are a black girl or you know one who is thinking about trying to become an escort girl then please give us a call on 0208 961 6006 and we promise to look after you, keep you safe and keep you busy as well.

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