The Sun Says:

Did you here about James Corden getting slagged off by that posh bald bloke from the ‘new Star Trek’. Yes, the slap head was steaming into him for being fat..I’m surpised Corden didn’t just nut the geezer, but he settled for just telling him to ‘fucking get on with it’. I hate these Shakesperian luvies who don’t have an ounce of creative talent in their body, slagging off a guy just because he ‘ate all the pies’ and then made himself a sandwich when he got home..Corden is a funny guy and comes across as being very confident, but I’d lay money he’s actually riddled with insecurity about being fat and the last thing he needs is some posh bloke wading into him.

James if you’re out there, when you come back from South Africa there’s a free hour with a 24 Carat girl waiting for you, if England win the World Cup, we’ll make it an overnighter and you can bring that fat welsh bird along to watch or even join in, but we’ll have to book the Super King Size if that’s the case.

Being ‘Fatist’ should be as illegal as being rascist or homophobic or even cruel to animals. He’s obviously just big boned and has a glandular problem combined with a very slow metabolism..infact it looks like he may have no metabolism at all. Anyway James, the above is a genuine offer (no look-a -likes please) and trust us to be discreet about it all. You’ll have a huge selection of our Escorts to choose from because we know that all our London Escort girls are professional enough that chubby or not., black or not, moslem or not, you’ll get the celebrity that doesn’t mean getting a slap head to shout at you

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