One of my favourite things about this lovely summer weather that we have been having is the fact that it enables us to have barbeque’s. For most guys, and great deal of girls, BBQ’s are one of the best ways of cooking a meal at home. I don’t know what it is but there is something about chucking a whole load of fresh meat on a flaming grill that seems to bring out the caveman in most of us guys, there is not many greater honours then standing by the BBQ and being in charge of the meat, putting the burgers on the buns and assessing weather or not the meat is cooked whilst thinking of who to blame if you give anyone food poisoning.

The London escort girls love a BBQ too, so if you are thinking of celebrating the warm weather by having a BBQ over the weekend make sure you give some of the London escort girls a call to make sure your BBQ is a sexy one.

In all honesty I would quite happily have a nice BBQ over going out to a restaurant and spending lots of money, if you and your mates all put some money in for a BBQ it can work out quite cheap and it can all be done in the comfort of your own home, no reservations, no having to dress up and no having to leave a tip, just you, your mates, a London escort or two and lots and lots of food.

Even if you do not want to make it into a big party then perhaps just you and a London escort girl could have a little BBQ together, get some wine or beer in and make a nice evening of it, definitely one of the finer things in life. Living in the UK we do not get to see the sun that often and the chance to have a BBQ is quite slim, infact, this may be the only weekend in the next couple of months that it will be this nice, nice enough for us to have a BBQ.

There will be a lot of people looking to hire some of the sexy London escorts this weekend so get in there first before the girls get all booked up you do not want to be having a BBQ by yourself now do you?

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