Aside from their notoriety at the 24-Carat offices for being responsible for some of the best quality massage Bayswater escort girls are also known to be particularly naughty! I have no idea why this is – I guess sometimes the behaviour of a few within a particular community spreads to the others, or maybe it’s just a case of ‘birds of a feather flock together’. Now, by naughty, I don’t mean they go around spray painting local shop windows and swearing at police – they have way too much class for that – I just mean that for reasons we don’t fully realise W2 massage escorts are extremely popular with clients!

It’s common for clients to write on the feedback forms things like ‘Wow…I didn’t even know that was possible’, or ‘She surpassed my wildest fantasy – I felt I should be paying more!’ or, on one occasion, intriguingly ‘Why has nobody ever told me what these girls are capable of??!’. While these girls come up trumps at all kinds of dates, when it comes to massage Bayswater girls are in a league of their own. Even though they don’t actually work in a massage parlour Bayswater escorts have the skills and craft woman-ship of professionals, making their part of London a top destination for world-weary clients. Determined to experience one of these fabled W2 massages for myself, I booked myself a date with new girl Marilyn, for the purposes of an official appraisal, you understand! Well, the date got off to a very good start when I turned up at Marilyn’s lovely apartment to find her strutting around in a tiny black skirt and white satin blouse, just like a sexy little chamber maid. Marilyn, if you haven’t seen her pictures, looks like she’s literally just fallen from heaven – a stunning girl in every possible way. The soft blonde hair, light tan complexion, slim size 8 figure and perfect breasts – that’s all just the tip of the iceberg. This 21-year-old Hungarian encapsulates sexuality in a way that is impossible to put across in words or pictures. Well, the massage was every bit as incredible as I’d hoped it would be – Marilyn managed to inject every movement, caress and rub with a dose of naughty that left me feeling intensely excited and rejuvenated, all at the same time. I won’t go into too much detail and spoil the surprise for anyone who decides to meet Marilyn – suffice to say you’ll probably want to book another date with her….and another….and another.

For anyone wanting to experience such an amazing massage Bayswater girls are easy to reach, thankfully – the area is just west of central London and accessible on foot or by a multitude of public transport options, including four tube stations (Bayswater, Queensway, Royal Oak, Lancaster Gate). All this makes the girls seem tantalisingly close, wherever you are in London….for me it’s almost too much to resist.

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