The first time I ever visited the lovely Bayswater area was not to date/interview a potential new Bayswater escort for 24-Carat, but to meet a girl in one of the many hotels that massively augment the district’s population. The reason she wanted to meet me at a hotel was, apparently, because she wanted to be reminded of how it was during our holiday fling in Spain a few weeks previously. Personally, I think she was a bit embarrassed to take me home and introduce me to her housemates as the bloke she met on holiday! I’d initially suggested meeting for a drink in a bar, but she was very forward and gave me the address of a hotel – mentioning, as an aside that the hotel did have a very nice bar in it, if that’s what I wanted – but why not just get room service?! Well, I’m only human…so of course I agreed to meet her at her chosen hotel.

So the upshot was, that in addition to having an amazing evening with this sex bomb of a girl (who has since become quite a good friend, after the post holiday romantic excitement fizzled away), I discovered that Bayswater really isn’t a bad part of London to find yourself in. It’s not somewhere that had been on my radar before – although now, of course I know it’s the home of several beautiful Bayswater escorts represented by 24-Carat. Despite being in a busy part of west London, in the City of Westminster and sandwiched between chaotic locations such as Edgware Road, Marble Arch and Paddington, it has a kind of almost suburban charm about it. Maybe it’s the old residential streets lined with Victorian houses and punctuated by pleasant garden squares, or its strong sense of community (several communities actually, what with its populations of Greeks, Americans and Brazilians), or the abundance of young professionals living in their converted studio flats – I don’t know exactly what gives the area its character but the fact is it manages to be more than ‘just another part of London’. Luckily, it’s just like London in some very important ways – for example harbouring a small but potent population of W2 escorts! For these successful escorts Bayswater is a home from home, as most of them have relocated from abroad, determined to build an exciting life for themselves in the capital. For clients visiting incall escorts

Bayswater consists of a vast range of properties, in terms of size or value, but any residence used for conducting dates will always be smart, clean and comfortable. In terms of London escorts W2 girls are amongst the hardest working and rightly proud of their Bayswater homes – something that’s immediately obvious in the way they look after them.
Of course, if you like to meet Bayswater escorts in hotels rather than their own homes you’re spoilt for choice in this particular part of London – as my long –ago ‘hotel date’ attests, there is something especially exciting about meeting a beautiful girl within the anonymous confines of a hotel room.

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