Until the beginning of this week I had absolutely no idea that the coming Monday is a bank holiday, I was informed of this fantastic fact by one of the London escorts and just laughed at  her, choosing to believe that she was either wishful thinking or trying to pull my leg. As I am sure many of you more well informed people will already have been aware of this, but it was quite a lot to take in for me, yet another shortened week in such a short space of time, it is quite a treat I must say, especially for those of you that have already gotten ahead of the game and hired a London escort ready for the bank holiday weekend. The girls have all said that they have received a high volume of calls this week as many of you are making sure that you do not miss out on their services over the bank holiday weekend as many of you may have over the past 2 bank holiday weekends. You snooze you lose i’’m afraid but it is good to see that most of you have learnt from your mistakes in the last holiday weekends.

The unfortunate news for bank holiday weekend part 3, the name I have coined for it, is that it does not look like we will be getting quite as good a ride with the weather as we did last time. I know there will be a lot of people complaining about this, especially the escorts in London who love a little bit of sunshine, but lets be real, the chances of us actually getting two bank holiday weekends like that were pretty low in all honesty so getting a third bank holiday weekend of such beautiful weather was always going to be unlikely. But do not let this put you off hiring a London escort, there are still plenty of things that you can get up to. The sun may not be shining but it is not exactly cold is it so you can still get out there and enjoy the bank hol weekend.

I am usually wrong about these things but by my calculation this is the last of the bank holidays until we get towards Christmas and that holiday period so everyone should really try and make the very best of it, no moaning about how it isn’t as nice as the last one and that there is no royal wedding to keeooyou entertained, grab a London escort and go and get some food or see a film or if you really want to let loose take her to a club or a bar and get the drinks in, no matter what you choose to do the London escort girls will always be up or it (within reason of course), so get thinking and enjoy your bank holiday weekend with a London escort.

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