There are a lot is misconceptions about Escort Agencies and I guess Escorts themselves. Some think that we are parasites that prey on innocent girls, luring them into a life of abuse, keeping them prisoners in a squalid environment. That couldn’t be further from the truth. The truth is that we work FOR the girls. That is, they place demands upon us to find them a constant stream of you guys. As you can imagine, the process can be quite laboured and lets face it when you guys decide not to turn up, or give us a false address then it’s US who ends up out of pocket. Some are unsympathetic to what is a difficult job and they rarely apologise or call to put the record straight, they simply find another Agency….and the first chance we have to find out, is when I see an advertisement on another website for our Angel as Clara…but we still love you girls…some of you are the nicest people I have met in my life.

What I’m saying is that we are here trying to put you and your choice of girl together. It doesn’t always run smoothly, but most of the time we deliver and if we don’t, the girls will be quick to make a move…no dodgy dealings with 24 Carat Escorts .

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