We consider ourself the 4th Emergency Service…forget the AA. Yes my advice is if you go out to the car and it won’t start, don’t call the AA, you’re going to have to wait hours for anyone to come, just call us and we’ll send you a London Escort to take you’re mind off the fact that you’re immobilized. Sandra’s pretty practical as well so if you ask her nicely she might be able to fix the car for you once she’s worked on your own bodywork first.

No seriously, we do all rely on our cars so much don’t we…24 Carat Escorts included, otherwise we’d never get our London Escort Girls to you in time before you exploded but the real point I’m trying to make is that despite the fact that London is a huge impersonal city, you don’t need to be alone in it. Our girls are chosen because they are a cut above the crowd. The Escorts London offers are a mixed bunch, some can be quite cold and clinical about the job, some are man haters who almost use this profession to get the own back for some wrong of the past. We don’t work with girls like that. We demand that our London Escorts put your needs first and be bubbly and fun and respectful.

If you come across an Escort who doesn’t fulfil that criteria then please just call us and we’ll put it right. We want you to feel that if you’re lonely or in need of a little TLC then you can call 24 Carat Escorts and we’ll send a girl that will make you feel better. You simple don’t have to feel isolated when we have such a vast selection of London Escorts to choose from.

Call us today please

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