I always forget that April fool’s day is the 1st of April, it occurs to me that it is coming up toward the end of March but then I always forget when it actually does come around. I do enjoy playing little pranks on people and being a bit of a wind up so I often like to indulge in a bit of trickery when April fool’s day does come around but due to the fact that I often forget about it I rarely have much time to plan anything. I quite like to play little jokes on the London escorts but I also have to be careful that they are not trying to do the same to me. For example, yesterday when a couple of the escorts in London told me that it was national cleavage day I thought that they were playing some sort of joke on me when in actual fact they were telling the truth , it was a day early but I have had my guard up for a couple of days already just incase, you can never be too careful!

I have played some pretty good April fool’s jokes in the past, one of which the London escorts think is really quite bad. I went over to see my mum and sat her down, I then explained to her that I had won £10 million in the lottery and of course her reaction was pretty big. She got really excited (obviously assuming that I would spend some of that on her) and I ended up feeling quite bad that I had to tell her that I was only joking and that it was an April fool’s joke, this shows that sometimes the pranks can backfire and just make you feel bad.

Another example of this, which I also get a lot of stick from the escorts in London for is the joke that I played on my ex girlfriend. I sent her a text that looked as though it was for another girl, I made it seem as though I was sleeping with this other girl and trying to keep it from my girlfriend. Her reaction was a little worse than I predicted to say the least. She rang me in fits of tears and used pretty much every swear word under the sun before hanging up. I didn’t actually get a chance to tell her that it was an April Fool’s joke and she would not answer her phone to me after that, I regretted it as you can imagine.

If you want to avoid turning your April Fool’s joke into a complete disaster like I did then perhaps ask one of the London escorts to help you out with your prank in some way, it is always better to get someone else in on it to make things more believable and it’s nice to have someone to blame if it all goes wrong!

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