I know it is a terribly cliché, British thing to do, but I am going to have a bit of a moan about the weather I’m afraid. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining about the fact that the temperature has gone up to 13 degrees, a record for this time of year apparently, but what I am complaining about is the sheer and utter inconsistency of the weather at the moment, and I am doing this not only on my behalf but for the London escorts as well as they have all been complaining that they just do not know what to wear!

So in December we broke records for cold and snow, it seemed as though the whole month was haunted by this consistent freezing cold breeze. Waking up to ice covering all of the cars to the point where you couldn’t even prize your car door open became the norm and having to walk around like a horse on an ice rink just seemed to come as second nature. This is all well and good if you are properly prepared for it but typically in the UK we weren’t.

So feeling as thought this was going to be the weather pattern for the foreseeable future, myself, and many of the escorts in London did the sensible thing (at the time) and ran out to by the proper winter attire that we felt was necessary to deal with such grim conditions! Warm fur-lined jackets were purchased, winter boots were purchased and golden triangle of gloves, hats and scarves were all added to the collection. So by the end of December we are all ready for what we fear is still to come, more freezing conditions and annoying “but so pretty” snow. The London escorts are all wrapped up and look like they are a about to hit the slope for a serious ski session, and all of a sudden January comes and it is actually rather warm! Now of course I don’t mean that it is sunny, don’t be silly, that would just be too perfect, but it is unseasonably warm for this time of year and being England this would not be complete with out the constant grey clouds and rain.

Now I feel as thought I have wasted my money somewhat, perhaps I should have been investing in a rain jacket and wellingtons rather than a parka and snow boots! But we have to at least look on the bright side, warmer weather means less of a need for so many layers of clothes, and as guys we all know what this means don’t we? Yep, the busty escorts in London will soon be looking even sexier as they will be wearing a lot less, that is unless we wake up to a snow storm over the next few days which lets face it, would be no surprise at all!

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