Yes it is the school summer holidays and that does usually mean that most places will be chock full of teenagers and kids, if you are planning a trip to the cinema or spot of bowling be prepared to have to deal with groups of screaming kids and annoying teenagers, unless of course you decide to pay a visit to All Star Lanes in Brick Lane where you can indulge in a spot of bowling with one of the fine escorts London has to offer without having to ensure the tiresome annoyance of kids and teenagers everywhere, not to mention the fact that you can get yourself pretty drunk whilst doing it. They serve a whole host of alcoholic beverages as well as some pretty decent food for a bowling alley, its a great place to take a London escort if you feel like doing something different. As with most things these days you will have to venture to East London which can be a bit of a long trek if you do not live in that area but it is definitely worth it for a fun night of bowling, drinking, eating and more drinking.

It is not always a necessity to take the escorts in London to a posh restaurant or a fancy club it is also perfectly OK to go for a bit of alternative fun, something that is even more enjoyable when you can drink the night away whilst doing it, it doesn’t get any better than that does it? All Star Lanes is not your typical bowling alley, it is a bit more adult themed and you will not find any screaming kids on arcade machines or anything like that, you may find some annoying hipster types hanging out in the corner but that will be the least of your worries when you are in the company of one of the many sexy escorts London has to offer you.

There are of course many other things that you can get up to with an escort in London but it is always nice to do something a little bit different and this is really good fun. Being in the trendy Brick Lane area also helps as there are plenty of cool bars and restaurants to go to before and after your bowling session. There is a great barbeque that does lovely burgers and wedges for £6, freshly cooked with top quality ingredients, plenty going on and lots of fun to be had. The escorts London has to offer always enjoy something a bit different so enjoy yourself at All Star Lanes with an escort in London.

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