A Sensual Lover Experience

Don’t the Black escorts get your blood pumping? They do mine. Of all the genre’s, my favourite by far is our black escorts. It’s because my generation were denied the sensual pleasure of black girls when I was young enough to pull one. In my day we had one token black kid in the class…Ricardo Cox…and He didn’t even have a sister. Now of course dating a black boy is just about the coolest thing you can do as a teenage white girl. With the added joy that it leaves prehistoric dads like myself in a state of apoplectic rage at the thought that our daughters are getting black on white action so readily, whereas I have to pay for it. I see the spotty white kids as they leave school alone totally demoralised whilst the cool black dudes have a cluster of white girls around them.

It’s evolution, it’s nature choosing the strongest and less spotty to preserve the species. Never mind boys when you’re a little older you can always get your black fix from 24 Carat escorts. We’ve got a great selection of black escorts  that you will definitely like.  Also if you wish we also have very sexy and gorgeous incall escorts to choose from who know and value the attributes of the white guy as well as appreciating what they get at home. It’s a ‘win win’ for everyone concerned I think.

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