So the Ryder Cup is about to tee off, and the man in the spotlight is of course Tiger Woods. For those of you who are real golf aficionados, you will probably know every detail of his dismal season, in which he’s been out of form and displaying a real lack of focus.  You will probably be speculating on the US’ chances of beating their European counterparts, and hoping that the Welsh weather makes it a bit more difficult for our friends from across the pond. The rest of us, if we’re honest are more concerned with the fact that Tiger still seems to be reeling from the dramatic collapse of his ‘wholesome’ image and subsequent divorce in the last year. A bit average we know, but we’re not immune to the tabloid stories.
In light of the highly publicised alleged romps of footballers with escort girls, we think that now may not be the best time for Tiger to cosy up to any of the obviously available ladies sure to be stalking the green. You get the feeling that the tabloid sharks are hungrily circling the sporting world, waiting on the next big name to rip to shreds. And even though he’s had a very rough year, Tiger’s still very newsworthy scandal bait.
So here’s what we recommend. If he finds himself in need of discreet companionship, please Tiger, don’t take up any of the obvious offers being thrown your way. Give us a ring, and we’ll see what we can do to bring you the best escorts in London up to you in Wales. Yes, its quite a journey, but we know you’re good for the cab fare, and we’ll remove any suspicion on the part of our escort girl by telling her she’s won a free short break to that neck of the woods. If you like, we’ll happily send our best brunette escort, seeing as though you may be a bit wary of blondes at the moment, and make sure that she understands that nothing comes before you having a great time.
Tongue in cheek aside, we really hope that Tiger recovers his form, and storms back to the top of the game. He’s been an outstanding sportsman, inspiring fresh interest in a game once dominated by the middle aged and elderly, and is a testament to the power of hard work and determination. Life may have thrown him a curveball, but we’re counting on Tiger to come roaring back.

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